About Tata Isa

Tata Isa is an interactive French music group for little ears! Nursery rhymes, puppetry, props and musical instruments bring the sessions alive and are especially designed for pre-school children who enjoy music and movement. Exposing youngsters to a foreign language through sound and play is not only fun but hugely beneficial to the senses!

Perfect for children as young as 6 months of age up to the start of Reception, each class introduces a range of subjects and includes a number of toys to support each weekly topic.


Tata Isa is INTOXICATING AND COMPLETELY ADDICTIVE!! We love her and the classes!

Tina and Harrison

My son hates every single group I've ever taken him to! He never sits still and always tries to escape! Brought him to Tata Isa Four months ago and he is a different child for those 30 mins! I wish we could come every day!!

Louise and Charlie

My son, Daniel, loves his Tata Isa class. He now knows the words for heads, shoulders, knees and toes in French. We sing the songs constantly - they're so catchy. The kids don't even know they're learning another language.

Vikki and Dan

Tata Isa's French classes are brilliant, fun-filled, highly interactive, stimulating with colourful props set to a fantastic soundtrack of French songs. The classes are different to any other toddler/pre-school classes in the area, as it is all in French. My daughter has grown up with Tata Isa and always looks forward to our weekly class. Tata Isa is doing a great job interacting with our little ones and keeping them engaged.